Property and Construction

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the property development and construction sector has created significant challenges. Faced with unprecedented property value escalations, supply chain disruption, chronic shortage of skilled labour, and forecast aggressive cost escalation, the challenges are immediate. 

In a sector that traditionally is slow to respond to change and disruption, speed of adaptation is essential to leverage the economic and lifestyle changes the pandemic has accelerated.

“Mawson came in and were fantastic in being able to sort out their financial issues that had grown … and once they’d cleared those financial issues to be able to expand the business and grow it quickly from there…”

Matt Salmon, Partner
MJC Partners

There seems to be no time like the present to undertake critical transformative changes to businesses in the building and construction industry. Improvements must include streamlining building processes and leveraging technology. Rebalancing supply chains and making the move to vertical integration is also integral. An investment in employees, company culture as well as sales and marketing will help take the future of construction to the next level.


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