As turnaround specialists, Mawson helps shareholders and management to navigate the complexities of a restructure, raise capital, and return a business to strength.

Sometimes even great businesses need help returning to success.


A business in financial difficulty requires significant change in a short amount of time. These changes can be hard to achieve, especially when management are dealing with cash flow challenges and creditor pressure.   Being in this situation can place owners, directors and management under huge amounts of stress. These situations can hit rapidly or sneak up on a business; either way it is not a position anyone wants to remain in.

Above all, our clients value our strategic thinking, hands-on approach and emotional support. We have a highly experienced team of experts. We know what it takes to turnaround a business and get it on pathway to growth because we have done it many times before. Here are some stories shared by our clients.

Our clients do not go it alone. We work alongside them, we engage daily and provide the business with the support and expertise it needs.


Mawson delivers success for its clients by returning the business to profitability, alleviating creditor pressure, and creating time to deal with what’s important – running your company.

We want to help our clients avoid business closure, legal risk, lost income and reputational damage.
After working with Mawson, our clients go on personal transformations. At completion of a turnaround, our clients come out better leaders, managers, and business owners.


If any of the following circumstances sound like you, please get in touch, we can help:

  • Business is making continued losses.

  • Cash flow is tight.

  • Creditors are putting pressure on you for repayment.

  • Goodwill with staff and customers is evaporating.

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