Energy Watch

Energy Watch was one of the first online electrical brokerage companies in Australia. Turnover was approximately $30 million and the business employed close to 140 people in Australia and New Zealand.


  • The company suffered significant brand damage due to the actions of one of its founders and directors.
  • Creditors were placing pressure on the company as the business had made significant losses and had a negative net asset position.
  • A number of loss-making non-core business divisions were compounding a lack of cash available.
  • The landlord had commenced legal proceedings to evict the company from their premises.


  • Diagnosed that the company had a good business model.
  • Identified the impact that the actions of the founder / director had on the brand and ascertained that electrical retailers had withdrawn support for the company, significantly impacting revenue generation.
  • Developed a brand strategy to rebuild and repair the damage done to the company’s reputation.


  • Capital raising to acquire the business.
  • Procured the support of the company’s key employees, landlords, energy retailers, and Google.
  • Developed and implemented a new business & turnaround plan with a focus on the core business activities.
  • Implemented action plans to repair the brand with Australian consumers.
  • Saved over 50 jobs.
  • Delivered a return to unsecured creditors of the old Energy Watch entity.
  • Lead the sale of Energy Watch to listed company iSelect.