Rhubarb was a boutique designer and retailer of fashionable kids clothing and accessories with stores across the east coast.

“At the end of the journey, which was a very emotional journey, Nick and I felt a real sense of relief. I know that I actually feel really emotional. We feel very very invested in (Mawson), for what they helped us achieve.”

Katlin Harper


  • Rhubarb was experiencing significant cash flow pressure and diminishing support from its secured lender after a rapidly changing retail landscape and tightening margins had caused financial losses.


  • Performed an immediate analysis of the company’s financial position and advised on potential restructure strategies available to Rhubarb and its shareholders. 

  • Recommended and helped implement a stock realisation strategy aimed at maximising the value of Rhubarb’s assets for the benefit of all creditors, including its secured lender.

  • Assisted management in dealing with its key stakeholders including landlords, employees and its lenders in order to minimise the downside of the wind down.


  • strategy that was able to maximise returns to Rhubarb’s secured lender and other creditors, ultimately assisting the Harper family to retain their family home while providing the support needed throughout the difficult wind down process.

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